Trusted since 1896: We advise on intellectual property rights and protect and enforce knowledge and business characteristics.

Chas Hude is a leading trademark and patent firm in Denmark. We offer strategic advice in all aspects relating to patents, trademarks and designs, utility models and commercialisation of knowledge and technology.

We can assist you at every step from idea to final product and defend your interests against infringement. We have been doing this successfully for our clients since 1896.

An idea that cannot be copied will sell more easily

If it is your task to ensure growth and to attract investors or buyers today or in the future it is a good idea to secure the rights that will help you protect your innovative knowledge and technology before others do.

Patent, trademark or design protection may function as a quality stamp in the eyes of potential investors, and will simultaneously strengthen your arsenal to fight competition and increase the value of you enterprise.

Check whether you are free to exploit your idea

Check whether you are free to exploit your idea

It can be a waste of time and resources to develop your idea into a product or service without knowing if you have the full freedom to operate due to existing dominating rights.

Therefore, we recommend seeking strategic advice early in the process. This can give you a better understanding of whether you are free to exploit your idea commercially without a licensing agreement and whether you want to protect your knowledge with IP. Overall, taking these factors into consideration will help you increase your return on investment.

IPR TOTAL™ is our promise to provide advice based on your unique protection needs. Together, we create the solution that builds the most value for your business now and in the future.

We excel in offering guidance...

What’s the difference between a patent and a trademark? How about the advantages of design protection, utility models, copyright and business secrets? We understand the challenges of choosing the best intellectual property right as well as deciding on the optimal timing.

Therefore, we elaborate on the options and clarify how each of these rights may be used in practice in the following link.

Could you use some advice?

Could you use some advice?

Have a chat with one of our consultants. They can assess the options for your idea and will ask the business-relevant questions that will lead to a tailored solution for you and your business. Bear in mind that the first consultation is always free of charge.