Increase the value of your innovative idea

A patent, a trademark or a design registration are a quality stamp that can solidify the value of your idea and protect it against competition.

We advise on all aspects of obtaining and actively defending patents, trademarks and design protection – all the way from idea to final product or method.

We are always available to help guide you to the optimal form of protection, en route to commercialising your invention or your unique brand.

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We excel in offering guidance

We get many questions about patents, trademarks and designs. We have gathered them here, so that you can find answers to, amongst others, the difference between a patent, a trademark and a design, and whether strategic advice is required to apply for a design protection.

Get strategic and timely IPR protection

IPR TOTAL™ is our promise to deliver advice based on your unique protection needs. Together, we create the solution that builds the most value for you and your business.

Our consultants will guide you through the initial considerations, will carry out all necessary research and will advise on possible adjustments to ensure the best possible protection for your product or method, now and in the future.