Protect your trademark

Trademarks should be protected to avoid copyists. But you should also watch out for trademark infringement.

You should protect and pay attention to trademarks. Trademarks are valuable and should be registered to ensure that they are protected and can help secure your market position. However, when it comes to new designs, product names, slogans, trademarks and logos, you should watch your step. Infringement cases are costly and a waste of creative development work.

Relief of internal resources
It costs time and resources to examine all areas of a trademark portfolio. We manage portfolios for both Danish and international companies and can handle the initial trademark research and analysis, for instance in relation to product launches and corporate establishment. This relieves the pressure on your internal resources and ensures high professional standards.

Talk to us early in the process
Research the market in time and protect your unique characteristics so you are ensured. Our legal consultants are specialists in national and international protection of trademarks, designs and domain names and can help you develop a strategy to ensure that your trademarks and designs are optimally used as business characteristics.

Trademarks can be something of a minefield and therefore we encourage you to contact Chas. Hude as early as possible in the process. We also offer consultancy on violations of rights, conflicts, piracy and counterfeiting.

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