Trademark protection: Build solid protection for your brand

Trademark protection: Build solid protection for your brand

Build protection around your brand name with strategic trademark protection. A registered trademark is a quality stamp that can protect your products, interests and clients against copyists.

Whether you are a start up or a Fortune 500 company, trademark protection is an investment in your brand that can pay off large dividends in the future.

A registered trademark is more than just protection against others copying your brand; strong trademark registration holds value by generating increased market share and growth.

Benefits of brand name or logo registration

1. Exclusive right to the trademark from the day the application is filed

2. Increased brand awareness and strengthened market position

3. Improved negotiation leverage

4. Enlarged time window for marketing strategy planning

5. Immediate proof that you own the exclusive right to your trademark

– in addition, a trademark last for as long as you use it actively and renew the registration every 10 years!

In summary, apply for trademark protection and enjoy the return on your investment exclusively for many years, in Denmark and abroad.

Step by step trademark registration

Step by step trademark registration

When initiating a trademark application we like to start with an overview of both the challenges and the potential scope of protection by considering the following criteria:

Is there a good probability that the authorities will grant the trademark for the name or logo? Can it be protected? Have others already tried to obtain protection for a similar concept, name or design?

Where will your brand be marketed and where will your product be manufactured? Is there a risk that others may try to copy your brand or acquire the right before you do?

Who will be the owner of the right? And what should be registered and where?

Once the strategy is in place, we move quickly to secure the rights you need. We look into whether complications should be expected down the line, and advise on how to prepare for them.

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Get answers to your questions regarding trademark protection

We have gathered the frequently asked questions.

You can find out about, for example, the difference between a patent and a trademark, why trademarks need to be registered in different lands, whether you need an attorney to assist you in the registration process etc.

Danish or international trademark protection?

Danish or international trademark protection?

When building trademark protection, it is always a good idea to establish a strategy before getting started. Is your product only to be sold in Denmark while being manufactured abroad?

In such a case there is a risk that someone could speculatively register your trademark in the manufacturing land; in such a situation you would be forced to buy it back, possibly at a premium.

It is, therefore, important that a thorough strategy for acquiring trademark protection is established early on.

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All of our consultants will think critically of each brand's potential, and will actively use their long-standing experience to protect your trademarks so they can translate into market share, business development and investment.