Strategic advice that creates value

We offer professional, strategic advice on patents, trademarks and design protection, utility models and commercialisation of knowledge and technology.

We believe in sharing tailored advice through close cooperation. That's why we engage with our clients and create value around your unique idea, together.

We advise on all aspects of patents, trademarks and designs - from idea to final product and defend your interests against infringement.

We have done so successfully since 1896.

Our foundation

Chas. Hude is one of the leading trademark and patent advisories in Denmark.

At Chas. Hude, renewal and tradition go hand in hand. We are driven by a desire to help shape the trademarks, patents and designs of the future. Our consultancy traditionally combines professional expertise, accuracy and overall quality with strong personal commitment.

For more than 120 years, we have helped Danish and foreign companies, universities, research institutions, entrepreneurs and individual inventors realise their intangible potential.

We can do the same for you.

The man behind Chas. Hude

The man behind Chas. Hude

Chas. Hude was founded by Charles Christian von der Hude in 1896. Today, more than 125 years later and 50 employees larger, Chas. Hude is one of the leading IPR firms in Denmark.

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Our management

Chas. Hude A/S is managed day-to-day by a board of directors.