Strategic advice since 1896

Strategic advice since 1896

Chas. Hude was founded by Charles Christian von der Hude in 1896. Today Chas. Hude is one of the leading IPR firms in Denmark.

At Chas. Hude, transformation and tradition go hand in hand; with years of experience, Chas. Hude has evolved into a modern business. But our business values are unchanged: We strengthen the value in your ideas and innovation.

We will always find the most competent consultant to fit market trends and customer expectations. We believe in sharing thorough, strategic advice, rather than suggesting easy solutions.

The man behind Chas. Hude

Chas. Hude's founder, Charles Christian von der Hude, was born in 1871 in Copenhagen. Charles was the son of a chemist and intended to follow an academic career. He was not academically minded however and dropped out of high school. After two years as an apprentice, he completed a three-year engineering degree in England. Having worked in a few engineering jobs in private companies, Chas. Hude embarked on a life-long career as a patent attorney.

Skandinavisk Patentbureau

On 5 January 1896, Chas. Hude founded his own company – Skandinavisk Patentbureau. In the beginning, he had to supplement his income with a second job as a journalist, but after a few years the company became viable; not least because of Charles’ dynamic, energetic and extrovert personality.

Chas. Hude over time 

In the 1920s, Skandinavisk Patentbureau changed its name to Chas. Hude. In 1941, Charles’ son – engineer Harry von der Hude – and civil engineer Knud Nørgaard became part of the company's group and owners. Harry von der Hude was co-owner of the company until 1976, after which the company has been owned by a changing number of partners with Knud Nørgaard's twin sons, Ulrik and Tage Nørgaard at the helm.