Apply for a patent and optimise return on investment

Apply for a patent and optimise return on investment

A patent gives you the unique right to prevent others from exploiting your invention commercially for twenty years and in some cases longer. Let us help you generate value for your company by transforming your idea to a protected invention. 

A granted patent can be the key to business development, customer loyalty and unlocking future investment, thereby granting you a unique competitive position in the market. Further, a patent makes your knowledge sellable – either in the form of a company-owned asset or through licensing deals including (partial) rights to the commercial exploitation of your invention.

In early-stage pharma, for example, it is most often a prerequisite to have filed a patent application before any effort for obtaining funding for preclinical and clinical trials can be successful. A patent application is, thus, a necessary step on the road to regulatory approval.

Apply for a patent and enjoy the return on your investment exclusively for many years.

How to apply for a patent?

If you are in possession of a concept that has not yet been publicly disclosed, that is inventive and has an industrial application, there is a good chance that an exclusive right may be obtained by the issuance of a patent.

Anyone may draft and file a patent application. There is no standard template however, only a long list of requirements that must be respected if one is to hope for a final product holding the desired value.

Applying for a patent is a strategic process. Consequently, each word used for drafting must be carefully considered. Words included in the application, just as words chosen to be left out, all convey meaning that influences the scope and the value of a patent application.

Further, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to add matter to a patent application that was not included in the original filing. These are some good reasons to always seek trusted advice from a patent attorney with sound legal experience and the relevant technical background.

Get answers to your questions regarding patents and patent applications

We advise on how to harvest the greatest yield possible from your knowledge and technology in all fields, including organic and inorganic chemistry, biotech, drugs, medtech, electronics, software, general mechanics and plastics.

Optimising investment using IP often raises many interesting and challenging questions from our clients. We have gathered them in one place so that you can easily find answers regarding, e.g. the difference between a patent and a trademark, how often patents must be renewed, and whether it is wise to apply for a patent in Denmark or abroad.

Keep competition at a distance

Keep competition at a distance

By keeping competition trailing at a safe distance one can expect larger revenues and a stronger market position.

We can help you to secure rights to your products, processes and uses in many fields by seeking patent protection nationally and internationally.