Design on the safe side

Unique designs play a crucial role in marketing and sales; design registration should, therefore, not be neglected.

A design registration gives you the exclusive right to the appearance of a specific product and helps you prevent others from copying and exploiting the work you have put into your design, so that the resources invested in products like machines, packaging, furniture, clothes, textiles, toys, tools or foods are not wasted.

With the specialists at Chas. Hude, you can develop a strategy for the most appropriate, comprehensive and accurate design registration, enabling you to instantly prove your rights to business partners, competitors and courts.

From initial phase to enforcement
Our legal consultants can guide you in all aspects of design protection and help you from the phase in which you need to consider whether a design registration is relevant and profitable for the product in question, including in which countries it will be relevant to seek protection and further guide you on how to achieve the best protection possible that may be enforced.

Finally, our trademark and design consultants can help you in selling your design to others. In each case, we have the maximum benefit for your business in focus.

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