Boost your start-up

"Entrepreneurship with Chas. Hude" is a concrete contribution to a good start for Denmark's entrepreneurs.

Ambitious and creative entrepreneurs are indispensable if Denmark is to continue to develop and benefit from its thriving entrepreneurial spirit. This is very clear to us at Chas. Hude, having led the way in consulting on patents, copyright, trademarks and design rights for more than 120 years.

That is why we feel it is our duty to offer a boost to entrepreneurs during both the ideation, start-up and consolidation phases. Entrepreneurship with Chas. Hude is our contribution to anyone who wants to take care of the business-critical intellectual property rights from the start; so good ideas can benefit those who foster them.

The focal point for new entrepreneurs

Are you a new entrepreneur? Do you want to make sure your design, invention or brand remain yours until you decide? Give one of our consultants a call to hear about our upcoming events.

Entrepreneurship with Chas. Hude on Facebook (in Danish).

Bianca Bothmann

Bianca Bothmann

European Patent Attorney, Business Developer

T: +45 33 19 34 75
M: +45 27 74 34 75