Boost your start-up

"Entrepreneurship with Chas. Hude" is a concrete contribution to a good start for entrepreneurs in Denmark.

Ambitious and creative entrepreneurs are indispensable if Denmark is to continue to develop and benefit from its thriving entrepreneurial spirit. This is very clear to us at Chas. Hude, having led the way in consulting on patents, copyright, trademarks and design rights for more than 120 years.

With a wish to follow in this line of duty, we want to contribute with a boost to entrepreneurs during the idea, start-up and establishment phases. 'Entrepreneurship with Chas. Hude' is our non-binding offer to anyone who wants to take good care of their IPR from the beginning, enabling the ones nurturing the good ideas to also be the ones to benefit from them.

The focal point for new entrepreneurs

Are you a new entrepreneur? Do you wish to ensure that the rights to your design, idea or trademark stay with you? Visit our Facebook page where we share our knowledge and invite you to events that will give you a head-start.

Entrepreneurship with Chas. Hude on Facebook (in Danish).

Bianca Bothmann

European Patent Attorney, Business Developer

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