On safe course

At Chas. Hude, we work towards an ambitious vision while building on solid values. The result is a consultancy that steers you on a safe course.

With more than 120 years of experience, Chas. Hude build every day on a solid foundation by looking forward and setting new and ambitious goals on behalf of our clients. Using experience to deliver foresight is the best expression of the Chas. Hude spirit.

Our vision

We strive to be the most dedicated and innovative IPR firm in the industry.

We use our competencies efficiently to create value for our clients and meet their needs.

Our values

Our daily work is based on few, but carefully selected values. We firmly believe that values must translate into concrete action: They must be lived - and experienced.

We conduct our work with pride and enthusiasm. We are committed in our relations with our clients, colleagues and partners. We offer consultancy services that are based on dialogue and that are action-oriented, this resulting in a committed partnership.

We offer consultancy on how our clients can optimise the value of their inventions, trademarks and designs. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to approach client service, as well as, internally, employee and business development from a new angle.

Our consultancy services not only concern the protection of intellectual property rights, but also their development into profitable business. We thereby work productively with our clients to create value, based on our clients' strategies, ambitions and needs.