IPR with a strategic outlook

Welcome to the intersection between business, engineering and law. Strategic IPR is our home ground.

Management of intellectual property assets is the key to a successful business, but a strategic outlook and several professional disciplines are required to gain maximum benefit.

Synergy through interdisciplinary interaction
Successful handling of intellectual property rights requires competent interaction between business, engineering and law. To achieve full synergy, all three elements should be managed with a focus on fulfilling the business strategy. Optimising the value of intellectual property assets cannot stand alone, but should be accompanied by using these assets to support the business development and thereby optimising the value of the business.

Progress through five phases

A successful and dynamic IPR strategy usually consists of several phases to ensure progress and results.

The three basic phases of an IPR strategy is the identification, protection and enforcement of intellectual property assets, which constitute three steps on the way towards securing business assets, making the most of the investment and making the business less vulnerable in the future.

A parallel phase concerns monitoring of the markets. This fourth phase is the foundation for the entire IPR strategy. The fifth and final phase is constituted by your own business strategy, which we at Chas. Hude always use as our basis.

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