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Our history

Chas. Hude was founded by Charles Christian von der Hude in 1896. Today – more than 100 years later and 50 employees larger – Chas. Hude is one of the leading Danish IPR consultancy firms.

Chas. Hude was founded by Charles Christian von der Hude in 1896. Today, Chas. Hude is one of the leading Danish IPR consultancy firms.

Chas. Hude has developed and moved with the times. However, the basis of our business is still the same: We increase your value. We do this by competent and strategic consulting within all areas of Intellectual Property Rights. We identify your company's IPR potentials, protect and manage your intellectual property rights and offer commercial consultancy, so that your knowledge and your ideas are turned into business.

Our logo and company name reminds us everyday of our energetic founder.

The man behind Chas. Hude
The founder of Chas. Hude - Charles Christian von der Hude - was born 3 September 1871 in Copenhagen. The family von der Hude is an old noble family from Bremen that came to Denmark in 1759.

Charles (Chas.) was the son of a wealthy chemist and he was thought to pursue an academic career, but in his youth, his dynamic character did not fit well with the discipline of the school. Thus, he left high school and worked two years as an apprentice at Holmen's shipyard. Later he graduated as an engineer after three years of studies in England. After being employed as an engineer in a few private companies, Chas. started a lifelong career as an independent patent agent.

Extrovert personality
5 January 1896 Chas. Hude founded his own patent agency in the name of Skandinavisk Patentbureau. In the beginning, he had to supplement his income with an extra job as a journalist, but after a few years, the company was viable. Especially because of his energy and his dynamic and extrovert personality.

The same qualities led him in many directions outside his own field. His fascination for motor cycles led to the foundation of a Danish Brigade of Motor Cycles (Motorordonnanskorpset) in 1911, which achieved semi-military status and of which he was the commanding officer for a number of years. For a period, he was the Governor of Rotary in Denmark.

Keeping abreast of the times
In the 1920s, he replaced the company name Skandinavisk Patentbureau by his own name. He brought together a number of skilled employees and the business grew. Difficulties showed on the way, but his position and qualities were now recognized. Several times, he was the chairman of the Association of Danish Patent Agents, which is of great significance to the patent agencies today.

Chas. Hude was active in his agency for more than 50 years and he developed and kept the company abreast of the times. He also ensured that the generational change was in place prior to his death in 1959.

In 1941 Chas. Hude's son - engineer Harry von der Hude - and graduate engineer Knud Nørgaard entered into the company's circle of owners. Harry von der Hude was a partner in the company until 1976, after which the company has been owned by a changing number of partners, in charge being Knud Nørgaard's twin sons Ulrik and Tage Nørgaard. Both Ulrik and Tage Nørgaard, who are both educated graduate engineers, are still active in the company.

Chas. Hude today
Today Chas. Hude has six partners. The company still distinguishes itself by competent employees, who offer strategic consultancy within all aspects of IPR - from the preparation of applications, oppositions, protection and management of rights to commercialization and negotiation of license contracts.

Chas. Hude is a company where renewal and tradition goes hand in hand. We continuously adjust to the market demands and the customer's expectations with regard to a competent IPR consultant. However, our development always happens with respect to our history and our values.