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A few simple, correct questions about IPR may benefit investors greatly

09. februar 2018

At Chas. Hude, we experience an increasing interest in IPR from the investor environment.

"The investors tell us that they have an increasing desire to let patents, trademarks and designs become part of the early valuation phase of a potential future portfolio company," explains CEO of Chas. Hude Marianne Johansen.

Based on that desire, Chas. Hude have prepared a brief procedure that can easily be incorporated into the due diligence process and, in a few steps, give investors a solid overview of the current IPR status of a company.

"It gives investors a sense of security to be able to tell if an investment object is e.g. involved in pending patent cases or if an IPR strategy has been drawn up, and it makes good financial sense to be aware of the rights surrounding the portfolio," says Marianne Johansen

At Chas. Hude, we are always available to explain more about the services we can offer to the investor environment.

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