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The loss of EMA to Amsterdam is a lost opportunity

09. februar 2018

When the EU Council of Ministers voted on the location of the new headquarters of the European Medicines Agency, EMA, the hope of Copenhagen as host city lasted until the second ballot. However, as we all know, EMA ended up in Amsterdam.

Seen from the CEO’s chair in an IPR business, it is a disappointing result for the overall IPR industry in Denmark.

"The area on both sides of Oresund is already a life science centre of excellence, the like of which can probably only be found in the Boston area in terms of closeness of collaboration between industry and research institutions. If EMA had ended up in Copenhagen, it would have contributed to a further vitalisation of the area, also for the IPR industry, as many companies would likely have placed their medical functions, commercial departments and research sections in Denmark," says CEO and Partner of Chas. Hude Marianne Johansen.

Although EMA is not going to be placed in Copenhagen, the move will probably lead to a certain dynamism in the organisation of part of the pharmaceutical industry.

"If nothing else, the debate offered a good opportunity to show what Denmark can also offer global pharmaceutical companies, including highly specialised knowledge of the possibilities for state-of-the-art solutions in all aspects of IPR," emphasises Marianne Johansen.

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