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Chas. Hude is ready for the Unified Patent Court

12. juni 2014

Recently, European Patent Attorney Anders Hjelmencrantz passed the Diploma Course on Patent Litigation in Europe arranged by CEIPI/EPI and held by the University of Strasbourg

This Diploma Course qualifies Anders Hjelmencrantz to represent Chas. Hude’s clients in connection with legal proceedings before the future Unified Patent Court.

The Unified Patent Court will be functioning as a specialised patent court with two instances having jurisdiction in connection with infringement and nullification cases in relation to European patents.

Anders Hjelmencrantz’ areas of expertise as a European Patent Attorney are within patent and company strategy, analyses and advice on patenting within Life Science including pharmaceuticals, functional foods, cell biology, organic and medicinal chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, immunology and stem cells. In addition, Anders has great experience of supplementary protection certificates as well as of infringement assessments and litigation.