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Chas. Hude A/S strengthens the Patent Department

08. oktober 2013

By employing Jens F.B. Rasmussen as Patent Attorney and Rikke Kjær as Patent Administrator as of 1 October 2013, Chas. Hude strengthens the Patent Department.

Jens has worked as patent attorney since 2010 with focus on drafting and prosecution of national and international patent applications, especially within the fields of Chemistry, Physical Sciences and Mechanics. Jens is M.Sc. in Engineering Physics from DTU, Technical University of Denmark, and holds a PhD in physics/electrochemistry from Risø-DTU. Jens has researched in full cells and catalysis/surface physics by using inter alia spectroscopy, spectrometry and microscopy and has also worked with medical physics. Jens has previously worked as patent attorney at Holme Patent.

Before joining Chas. Hude, Rikke has worked at Awapatent since 2008 as patent administrator, her main tasks being administration of patent applications in Denmark and internationally, correspondence with international patent authorities as well as translations into English and French. Rikke holds a Bachelor degree in Business Languages (French/Spanish) and an MA in International Business Communication, French, from Copenhagen Business School.