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Competent IPR assistance

The Danish company Bornholms use Chas. Hude for monitoring the market. When Bornholms’ trademarks are under attack, specialist knowledge is required.

”As we operate on a number of various markets, we face challenges in relation to our trademarks”, explains CEO Christian Sieverts from Bornholms A/S who have produced high-quality tinned fish since 1915. “That is why we use Chas. Hude for monitoring the markets so that we are able to react promptly in case of potential infringement of our rights.”

Both name, colour, design, word and device marks are being monitored, and Chas. Hude contribute with specific reviews in each individual case. “As litigation is expensive and time-consuming, each case must be reviewed individually and therefore, we really value Chas. Hude’s professional recommendations,” Christian Sieverts elaborates.

According to Trademark Attorney Thorbjørn Swanstrøm from Chas. Hude, who is Bornholms’ main attorney, Bornholms are prepared to defend their trademarks all the way and accordingly, do no shy away form litigation, but it is always part of the professional advice from Chas. Hude to assess in each individual case whether legal proceedings should be initiated or avoided.

”There are always a lot of considerations to make and many feelings involved as Bornholms are a highly respected, family-owned company. Luckily, Bornholms are innovative and resourceful and in such case, the best solution may be to fight your way through it”, says trademark expert and Partner at Chas. Hude, Thorbjørn Swanstrøm.