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Have you secured the rights to your trademark?

When it comes to new designs, product names, slogans, trademarks or logos, it is para-mount to know whether you are infringing somebody's rights.

Infringement cases are costly on the bottom line and are a waste of creative development. Therefore, examine the market and protect your unique trademark before it is too late – then you are also protected in case others copy you.

Experts in protection
Our legal advisors are experts in national and international protection of trademarks, design and domain names. They help our customers to prepare trademark and design strategies that secure the best protection and optimal utilization of their trademarks and designs as unique brands in their marketing. They also offer consultancy in connection with infringements, conflicts and counterfeit.

Protect you brands
Our trademark department manages trademark portfolios for Danish and international com-panies and conduct initial trademark searches and analyses in connection with product launches and establishment of new companies.

Trademarks are paramount for a company's market position. It is therefore essential to pro-tect and care for ones trademarks, e.g. through registering the trademark in key market and global surveillance with the purpose of put a stop to e.g. manufacturers of fake products.