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Have you protected your products design?

A design registration secures a protection of the design. This can e.g. be the shape and look of a specific product.

The protection can e.g. apply to machines, packaging, furniture, clothes, textiles, toys, tools and foods.

Protect against imitators
A registered design gives you the sole right to the specific product's look and protects against others' imitations and abuse of the product. If you have registered your design, you can thus prohibit others from exploiting and copying it.

With a design registration, you can instantly prove your rights to competitors and courts.

Protect your unique shape
When you have had a good idea, which you wish to develop further, or your have a finished product ready for marketing, then you need to safeguard yourself in the best possible way against partners and competitors. You should therefore consider protecting the design of your product.

Design experts
Our legal advisors are experts with the field of intellectual property that has to do with design protection. They offer consultancy on all aspects of design protection.

They can help you from the initial phase where you have to consider whether a design pro-tection is relevant. Next, they can assist you in assessing in which countries seeking protec-tion is relevant and advice you on how to achieve the best possible protection.

Sell you rights
Our trademark and design advisors can also help you if you wish to sell your design, if others infringe your design or wish to enter and agreement regarding utilizing your design.