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Staff policy

The employees are our most important resource. It is the employees – their knowledge and commitment – that make Chas. Hude what it is.

As an employee, you will come to find that we focus on your professional and human qualifications, that your development through education is a high priority for us and that we are open to your good ideas and suggestions.  

Professional and human focus
We focus on the professional as well as human qualifications. In practice, this means that we in connection with employment, in addition to your professional qualifications, carefully analyse your personal traits, dynamic traits, ability to cooperate and qualitative traits.  

Emphasis on development
Knowledge and competencies are dynamic conditions, which continuously must be maintained, strengthened and challenged. Therefore, we put great emphasis on our employees being updated within their area of work and education.

We support work related continuing education as well as further education. Many of our consultants teach on intellectual property rights, thereby passing on their knowledge, and experience to the students of e.g. the University of Copenhagen, the University of Aarhus and Copenhagen Business School.  

Invitation to a dialogue
At Chas. Hude, we encourage business development through involvement and dialogue. Therefore, we are open to our employees' good ideas and suggestions. The dialogue is the centre of focus, in the day-to-day work and in connection with the annual performance interview.